"Запах кино": "Как я работал с Эйзенштейном или Честные и правдивые истории из жизни Виктора Шильдкнехта, моряка, художника и гражданина Латвийской республики, рассказанные им самим"

The smell of cinema: How I worked with Eisenstein or Honest and truthful stories from the life of Viktor Shildknecht, a sailor, artist and citizen of the Republic of Latvia, told by himself

  • 16+
  • 25 min
  • Russian, Latvian
  • Russian
“Today you will hear my most honest and truthful story about how I made a movie with Eisenstein and Pudovkin almost 90 years ago, how I shot from a bow in the movie Ivan the Terrible, about how I taught the Red Army to ski, how I built the Riga Film Studio, about Naval ships, about Stalin and life in the Universe."