Кадр из фильма «The secret of the white fugitive»
Тайна белого беглеца
The secret of the white fugitive
  • 16+
  • 43 min.
  • russian

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We often forget the star artists who were once admired by the whole country. How are their fates? Egor was the first white whale in our country to start performing in dolphin shows, becoming a vivid childhood memory for hundreds of thousands of children. After twenty years of living next to people, he escaped. Studying the history of Yegor, we will get acquainted with unique animals, white polar whales, see their habitats in the wild. They are considered the smartest creatures on the planet along with horses, dogs, monkeys, but, perhaps, it is about beluga whales, Russian whales, that we know the least.



Vladimir Marin
Andrey Kovylkin, Vladimir Marin


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