Кадр из фильма «Tabor (loli kali fur coat)»
Табiр (Лолi калi шуба)
Tabor (loli kali fur coat)
  • 16+
  • 52 min.
  • russian, gypsy, ukrainian
  • russian, english

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In 1991, the Ukrkinochronika studio filmed the documentary film Widow Street, dedicated to the life of a small Roma community in Transcarpathia. In the short film, portraits of spontaneous, sincere and very beautiful people flashed by in quick succession, a boy passed by, a girl with the amazing name of the Prince danced, songs sung by 12-year-old resident of the camp Yura and the mother of the dancing Princes Wilma sounded. The translation of these songs then, in a hurry, the authors did not recognize. For a bus leaving the camp, children ran for a long time through the snow. This essay is about a trip to the same places twenty years later, in the hope of meeting one of the characters from the previous film and finding out what the then 12-year-old boy Yura and the mother of the dancing Princes Wilma sang about.



Alexander Balagura
Alexander Balagura
Ivan Zotikov
Svetlana Zinovieva


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