Кадр из фильма «The fatal love of Savva Morozov»
Роковая любовь Саввы Морозова
The fatal love of Savva Morozov
  • 16+
  • 104 min.
  • russian

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On May 13, 1905, the corpse of one of the richest people in Russia, the manufacturer and philanthropist Savva Morozov, was found. For more than a hundred years, the official version has dominated that the millionaire committed suicide. However, how did the relatives manage to bury the suicide at the Rogozhsky cemetery? It is clear that even such a respected family of Old Believers, to which the Morozovs belonged, would have been completely impossible to do this. So, maybe the elders of the Rogozh community knew something unknown to Russian historians? The authors of the picture question the official version, and conduct their own thorough detective investigation in France and Russia. And they conclude that the fatal love of Savva Morozov was to blame for everything.



Vladimir Fatyanov, Mikhail Pavlov
Mikhail Pavlov, Natalia Viko


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