The Refuge

  • 48 min
  • Russian
  • Russian
The film is about the only private shelter in the region for the homeless, mentally disabled and lonely old people. It is located in the village of Kumsky, under Mineralnye Vody. Such a Stavropol monastery of mercy was opened by a local resident Olga Shiryaeva. It accepts people not only without housing, but without pensions, documents, and helps to restore them. Olga took the Canadian experience as a basis. There are no hospitals and neuropsychiatric boarding schools in the country. In fact, people who need help in Canada acquire housing with support, live in families, the state will allocate funds for this. Today, Olga's shelter is 56 people. Among the guests is a refugee doctor from Georgia, a former school principal, and a law enforcement officer. They were united by a difficult life situation and the roof of the shelter. The house in which most of the people now live, Olga and her husband built, taking a mortgage loan, invested their money, attracted sponsors. Today even people from other Russian regions come here.