• 45 min.
  • russian

Igor Krainov was thrust into the pocket of his jeans. Ivan Golunov was thrown into a backpack. And Yevgenia Shestaeva mysteriously appeared in her bag after several hours spent at the police department. The mechanism for fabricating criminal cases under Article 228 is very simple, a person is detained, then a bag with an unknown substance is “discovered” from him. For many hours, the detainee is alone with the police, without the possibility of calling relatives or a lawyer. All this time he is intimidated and possibly beaten. Sometimes the protocol of such an inspection is the only evidence in the case, but this does not prevent the judges from giving real terms. The protagonists of the film were people who were faced with falsification of cases under Article 228. Some of them were able to defeat the system, while others were not. But not one broke, the struggle for the truth continues.