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Пабло Эскобар. Нарко-Атлетико
Pablo Escobar. Narco-Atletico
  • 37 min.
  • russian
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In 1989, Pablo Escobar entered the top ten richest people on the planet according to Forbes magazine. He led the Medellin drug cartel for 20 years and is estimated to have smuggled $25 billion worth of cocaine into the United States and other countries during his tenure. In the 70s, Escobar literally covered the streets of America with cocaine. Demand was phenomenal and profits skyrocketed. At some point, the Medellin cartel controlled up to 80% of the world's cocaine traffic. Approximately 70 tons per month were sent to the USA alone. In those days, Colombia was covered by a football wave. The national team was one of the best on the continent in the early 90s. But how did it happen that in a country where elementary problems have not been solved, football came out on top? Why did this become possible? This is the story of how one of the most notorious criminals in human history kick-started Colombian football and changed it forever.



Alexey Smolyaninov
Neshko Uskokovich
Alexey Smolyaninov


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