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Мой дом
My House
  • 23 min.
  • russian

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For six months, the camera shoots the same place, or rather the backyard of the store. It is located in one of the "sleeping" areas of Moscow. This seemingly unremarkable courtyard is the most popular leisure area for residents of the area. Companies gather here to drink "for three". In the morning, men run there to get drunk and run to work. Their wives come in here with bags to smoke a cigarette and talk with a bottle of beer in hand. When no one is there, this is the most convenient and most popular public toilet, in which they relieve any need. This view from the window is the most common for residents of the outskirts of Moscow. The back yards of shops, garages, summerhouses of kindergartens, benches, school yards are the favorite places for leisure activities of those who live around them. Children grow up with this view from the window, begin to spend their free time here, and then one day they will bring their children here too.



Andrey Zaitsev
Andrey Zaitsev
Andrey Zaitsev


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