Место Горенштейна
  • 16+
  • 80 min.
  • russian
  • english

The main thing for a real writer and his readers is texts. A biography is a less significant thing. Most readers of Don Quixote do not know the biography of Cervantes and do not particularly need it. But sometimes the biography of a writer can become an explanation for the incident of a genius who turned out to be unnecessary or unidentified, unrecognized. This is precisely the case of Friedrich Gorenstein, the author of Andrey Rublev's monologues in Tarkovsky's film and the screenwriter of his own "Solaris", the author of the dialogues in Konchalovsky's film "The First Teacher" and co-author with him of the script for the film "Slave of Love". Andrei Tarkovsky and Benedikt Sarnov, Naum Korzhavin and Vyacheslav Ivanov have called and continue to call his books brilliant. Gorenstein has lived in Berlin for the last 20 years. Benedikt Sarnov, Andrey Konchalovsky, Mark Rozovsky, Leonid Kheifets, Vladimir Voinovich, Andrey Bitov, Boris Khazanov, Mikhail Levitin, Natalya Ivanova, Viktor Erofeev, Evgeny Popov and others remember and talk about Gorenstein on the screen. The film also includes archival video recordings of interviews with Gorenstein.

The Gorenstein Worlds educational project