Кадр из фильма «Another's Role»
Чужая роль
Another's Role
  • 29 min.
  • russian
  • english
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The protagonist of the film is Russian actor Vladimir Ivanov, who has moved to Finland with his wife and is trying to start a different life in a new environment. As a creative person, he knows how to look at himself from the outside. Evaluate and understand, and not only the actions of their loved ones, but also their own. Having left on the rise of his acting career, he has to initially give up his profession and earn a living in a non-creative low-paid job. He builds family relationships, sincerely trying to integrate, to merge into a new environment. At some point, Vladimir realizes that the problem is not so much in him, but in the history of relations between Finland and Russia, which is reflected in his personal life. And he wonders, "What's so bad that I'm Russian?"



Mila Khanzina
Mila Khanzina
Mila Khanzina
Mila Khanzina
Mila Khanzina
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Mila Khanzina


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