Брат твой Каин
  • 16+
  • 84 min.
  • russian
  • english

The sin of murder that cannot be washed away, the mark of Cain, a personal catastrophe. This happened to Vyacheslav Sharayevski 25 years before, when he was a district prosecutor. The death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment when a moratorium was placed on capital punishment, but some thirty men sat together in a single room for six months, expecting to die on the 3rd, 13th, and 23rd. A change happened then, like being born anew. This man who was once an atheist, rationalist, and skeptic now became like a babe, a child of God. He owes his new life to an amazing priest, Alexander Borisov. Between the saint and the sinner is an eternal link. How they need one another.