Кадр из фильма «Anna. Kill the journalist»
Анна. Убить журналиста
Anna. Kill the journalist
  • 16+
  • 41 min.
  • russian

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Film "Anna. Kill a Journalist” is dedicated to the well-known journalist and human rights activist Anna Politkovskaya, who died at the hands of criminals. In the film about Anna Politkovskaya, her colleagues, and most importantly, the protagonists of her publications, are remembered: mothers whose children suffered; wives whose husbands died in Chechnya or became victims of terrorist acts; women whose loved ones have lost their lives. One of the women was prevented from committing suicide by an article about her dead son, while another gave her the strength to fight. The audience was finally able to understand who Anna was for those she wrote about. She knew how to take on the suffering of others, they went to her when there was nowhere else to go.



Igor Prokopenko
Igor Prokopenko
Alexander Borisov, Georgy Gorin, Denis Makarov, Pavel Sergeev, Yuri Kryuchkov, Nikolai Zhutnik, Viktor Yerkin
Igor Prokopenko


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