Dirk Pohlmann
Dirk Pohlmann
Режиссер документального кино Deutsche Welle.
After taking office in 1981, US president Ronald Reagan redefined America’s Cold War strategy to one of attack instead of defense. Alongside rearmament, one of the most important instruments in the US conflict with the Soviet Union was the informal group known as the ‘Deception Committee.’ Defective computer chips and Trojan viruses were smuggled in to sabotage the Soviet economy. Provocative air and sea maneuvers near the important Soviet base in Murmansk were carried out to unnerve and humiliate Moscow and demonstrate America’s own strength and technological superiority. In 1983 these operations took the world to the brink of a nuclear war. But the US deception strategies also targeted friendly countries. In order to sabotage the détente politics and neutrality endeavors of the influential Swedish prime minister Olof Palme, bogus Soviet submarines appeared off the Swedish coast in the 1980s, unsettling not only the Swedish public. Statements by experts, military leaders, and politicians show that under Ronald Reagan the US was deterred by nothing, not even the sovereignty of democratic states, in order to promote its own interests.
Deceive and Provoke: The Reagan Method
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