Maria Sandler
Maria Sandler
Окончила факультет Русской Филологии и Культуры в ЯГПУ им. Ушинского. Работала в журналистике, связях с общественностью, занималась творческой деятельностью, руководила молодежной киностудией.
Date of birth
The events of 100 years ago, it would seem, have long been irrelevant, forgotten, left in the past. Experience has been gained, conclusions have been drawn so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past ... But no. In Russia, for some reason, everything turns out differently. The events of the past somehow very persistently rhyme with today's... and this game of the calendar... September 1922 and September 2022. Exactly a century has passed. And everything repeats again.
20 min
The film acquaints the viewer with important, but so far unresolved problems of the Russian Orthodox Church. What is today's Church and where is God's place in it? What should a person do when he stops developing within the Church and does not receive answers to his questions? What to do when there is no longer enough set of rules, canons, and you want something more? In the film, these questions are asked by a young man to three wise fathers, whose deep understanding of the world is based on love for God and neighbor, on the value of human life and freedom.
Unholy Holy
58 min
Stay alone in a big house during a terrible epidemic and try to understand why all this is needed, to look for meaning. And only telephone conversations with her husband and prayer again and again dispel longing and loneliness. An experiment on the verge of game and reality.
to be carantinued...
29 min
This is a film about the city of Yaroslavl and the people of Yaroslavl, as we generally know them, but we do not always recognize them. A city of metropolitan taste and style, with incredible creativity and seemingly inexhaustible creative possibilities. This is a picture about the city and the townspeople, about a very recent, but already forgotten history. These are memories of those political and cultural processes that took place in the city on the Volga 30 years ago, and in the 21st century revived seemingly dormant political activity.
We declare Spring to you!
78 min
Film diary dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the White Guard uprising in Yaroslavl on July 6-21, 1918. In the entire history of the city there is no event more important and sadder. The film recreates each of those terrible, brutal 16 days.
The Fury
62 min
A film about an amazing person, a talented and selfless teacher Galina Borisovna Alakhverdyants, who saved her students from the “street” with her love for beauty. Theater, music, poetry, all this filled the life of teenagers, her students. Until now, 40 years later, they thank their teacher.
In A World of Beauty
51 min