Aleksey Sokolov
Aleksey Sokolov
Окончил МИСИ и РЕЖИССУРУ ВГИКа в 1963 году. Снято 57 фильма на Центнаучфильме. 25 лет преподавал во ВГИКе, 6 лет - проректором ИПК, 5 лет - в Культуры. Защитил докторскую. Написал книги. Заслуженный деятель искусств РФ.
The film is dedicated to two cameramen and one director, Verigo-Dorovsky, Leopold and Friedrich, and Alexander Vladychuk during the period of silent cinema. Leopold is the grandfather of the author of the film, and Friedrich and Alexander are cousins. The life of the Verigo-Dorovskys began with the fact that their grandfather, Jan, was deprived of the nobility during the Polish uprising, although they were Germans. Later, their grandchildren, Leopold and Friedrich, came to Moscow. Here they studied at German educational institutions, and then became cameramen. They own the shooting of V. Lenin and a number of art paintings. Alexander Vladychuk was an artist, he shot several documentaries and one feature film, "White Gold", in Turkmenistan. With this he came to Leningrad. In Ashgabat, Vladychuk will be removed from the cinema. He erected a monument to Lenin, carried out an endless run with the team on the wheelpedes of his own design Ashgabat-Moscow. His hand belongs to the Coat of arms of Turkmenistan. Then, he will be put in jail for libel. He died there in 1942.
The Intriate Peripeteias of Silent Movies
50 min
In 1974, the shock construction of the BAM began. Today the road gets a second life. The film tells about the full cycle of the reconstruction of the Baikal-Amur Mainline.
Russian construction site. BAM. Second Life
50 min