Luis Felipe Labaki
Luis Felipe Labaki
Режиссер, исследователь, переводчик с русского языка и композитор. Окончил Высшие аудиовизуальные курсы в ECA-USP.
The centenary of the October Revolution is right around the corner. In the center of Moscow, Lenins and Stalins take a break from posing for pictures and talk about their legacy, the centenary and today’s Russia.


24th São Paulo International Short Film Festival
17ª Mostra de Cinema de Tiradentes
4th School Meeting “Aciertos” - FICUNAM (Ciudad de México)
Sehsüchte. 43 Internationales Studentfilmfestival (Potsdam, Deutschland)
14th International Student Film and Video Festival (Beijing, China)
14º Festival Internacional de Escuelas de Cine (Montevideo, Uruguay)
7ª Mostra de Escolas de Cinema e Audiovisual Latino-americanas CIBA-CILECT (São Paulo)
1º Lumiar: Festival Interamericano de Cinema Universitário (Belo Horizonte, Brasil - winner of the popular jury's prize)
19º Festival Brasileiro de Cinema Universitário (Niterói, Brasil)
How's life going, comrades?
16 min
Film is a portrait of Boris Schnaiderman, Brazil's most important translator and essayist on Russian literature and culture. Using different cinematic approaches, the film depicts Boris as he reflects on the large scope of his still evolving work - from Russian literature of the XIX century to the avant-garde poetry of the 1910's onward, from his memories of Odessa, where he spent his childhood, and of World War II (during which he was a volunteer in the Brazilian offensive in Italy) to his theoretical work on translation.
The Private from Odessa
22 min