Viktor Vohmincev
Viktor Vohmincev
Режиссер, оператор-постановщик и монтажёр.
In the spring of 2017, the Investigative Committee conducted the first searches as part of the criminal case, which everyone now knows as the Serebrennikov case, the Seventh Studio case, or the Platform case. Six people, including a world-famous director, are accused of stealing from the state more than one hundred million rubles allocated for staging performances. And they can go to jail for 10 years for that. Journalists Katerina Gordeeva and Roman Super tried to figure out what the essence of this case is. We talked to people who know what theater is, including in terms of money. We studied financial documents. Communicated with those with whom no one had ever been able to before. They figured out why the applause of the audience and the compliments of the Ministry of Culture turned into arrests. And of course, they went to all the court sessions.
Theatre affair
70 min
To a person who does not experience vision problems, it may seem that fine art does not exist in the world of the blind. They don't have it, so they don't need it. “Imagine” is a film-journey to the border area. Blinded due to an illness, an art critic, a fan of painting who lost her sight after the birth of children, an artist who has been blind since childhood. The heroes of the film are people who are in love with art, looking for an opportunity to reconnect with visual culture, cut off by circumstances. What do those who seem to see nothing actually see? What do those who have recently become blind remember? And how do those who live in darkness imagine the world?
55 min