Boris Dvorkin
Boris Dvorkin
Кинорежиссер, член Союза кинематографистов России. Член Гильдии Неигрового кино. Член Экспертного совета Всероссийского открытого конкурса сценариев и киноработ "Кинопризыв". Генеральный директор киностудии "Камена-фильм".
Date of birth
The name of this woman is known, rather, to a narrow circle of specialists. The film about one of the first Soviet polar explorers, Nina Demma, is intended to correct this injustice, because her life is closely connected with the history of the development of the Arctic and the Northern Sea Route. The first woman in the world, the head of a polar expedition to Severnaya Zemlya, a participant in wintering at one of the first Soviet polar stations in Tikhaya Bay on Franz Josef Land. A man of amazing fate, Nina Petrovna Demme made a great contribution to the study of the animal world of the North.
Diary of a "black sheep"
39 min
Film-portrait of the writer-sailor Viktor Konetsky.
Salty ice
39 min
According to official statistics in Russia, about 2 million teenagers aged 9 to 16 suffer from alcohol and drug addiction. But in the whole country there is only one state rehabilitation center for teenagers aged 14-16. It is located in the Moscow region and has 30 beds. This is a film about the rehabilitation center for teenagers "Ariadna", a place where teenagers can not only feel and understand that the joy of life is possible without psychoactive substances and alcohol, but also get an education and master a specialty that will help them in later life.
39 min
The film is based on the memories of several mothers whose loved ones were in trouble, which is called "drug addiction". These courageous women, who were not afraid to go out to the audience with an open face, talk about their most difficult struggle with the illness of their children. Their experience can help others who find themselves in a similar situation and do not know where, how to get help.
39 min
About the 8th quartet of D. Shostakovich. This work is sometimes called the composer's epitaph. The authors of the film tried to see in it reflections of the time in which the great composer lived. However, they say that history sometimes tends to repeat itself.
26 min
"Vertical of power". The explanatory dictionary defines the vertical as a line segment perpendicular to the Earth. It turns out that power itself is at the upper end of this straight line, and the vertical relies on those who are below, and the lower ones do not object to this, because it is more convenient. A film about one of the representatives of such power. And, not the worst. Elena Rzayeva, head of the Zhulansky village council (Novosibirsk region) is active and businesslike. He knows how to solve the problems of his wards and is ready to do it for them.
Station for 32s
26 min