Grigoriy Ryabushev
Grigoriy Ryabushev
Режиссер, сценарист, оператор и продюсер. Окончил Российскую правовую академию Минюста РФ, юридический факультет, и ВГИК (мастерская режиссуры неигрового фильма Б.Караджева, Е.Резникова).
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At the turn of the millennium, Viktor Pelevin became perhaps the most fashionable, popular and commercially successful writer in Russia. At the same time, he does not appear in public, does not give interviews, wears dark glasses, and does not like being recognized on the street. Who is he, this mysterious Mr. Pelevin? How did it happen that today the most honorable title for a Russian writer, “ruler of thoughts” turned out to be applicable to him? And how did he manage to keep his "incognito"? All this is reflected in the film by people who knew our elusive protagonist well at different periods of his life, his classmates and teachers, friends of youth and colleagues, writers, critics and publishers.
Writer "P". Attempt to identify
75 min
From the author: “Pyotr Mamonov is a genius, one of those who shaped my consciousness, a man whose name for me is a sign of that irreconcilable position that an artist should occupy in cultural and social terms. Quite unexpectedly, I was very close and found a friend whom I seem to understand. This friend turned out to be Ilya, the son of Mamonov. When I suggested that Ilya make a film about him, he immediately warned me that if I wanted to contact his father in this way, then I would not succeed.
20 min