Nataliya Nazarova
Nataliya Nazarova
После окончания Московского полиграфического института (факультет книжной графики), профессиональную жизнь художника книги сочетала с деятельностью в области театра, кино, моды. Участвовала во многих российских и международных выставках.
“An artist cannot love an artist,” says the famous Marina Abramović. The film "VovaNina" refutes this categorical postulate by the life story of two remarkable Moscow artists Vladimir Salnikov and Nina Kotel.
70 min
The film tells about Nikolai Vladimirovich Shatrov, a poet. His name is little known to the general reader, because at one time he did not fit well into the "format" of Soviet poetry. And nowadays, when interest in poetry, as such, is practically reduced to zero, it is even less remembered. But in vain! He was an unusual poet, a peculiar person and the "godfather" of Pasternak's novel Doctor Zhivago. It was he who introduced Boris Pasternak to Jacqueline de Proyart, the same Slavist who took the only copy of the manuscript with the author's corrections out of the USSR.
If not for Kolya Shatrov
44 min
The fate of Diego Rivera, a Mexican muralist who glorified the Mexican Revolution with his art, is connected with Russia in many ways. Russian artists Angelina Belova and Maria Vorobyova-Stebelskaya bore him children, for a long time he was friends with Trotsky, joined the Communist Party several times, was friends with Eisenstein, Mayakovsky, Ehrenburg. Finally, it was to Soviet Russia that he came in the last years of his life in the hope of being cured of cancer. This film is about Diego Rivera and how, 50 years later, his legacy is seen.
The extraordinary adventures of Diego Diegovich in the country of the Bolsheviks
39 min
The internal dialogue of two Frida Kahlo, a romantic passionate painting of nature and a lonely woman full of skepticism. The film is an attempt with individual strokes (in the spirit of Frida's own technique) to sketch on the screen a portrait of one of the most incredible personalities of the 20th century.
Frida against the background of Frida
39 min