Lyubov Arcus
Lyubov Arcus
Киновед, режиссёр, основатель и главный редактор кинематографического журнала «Сеанс». Основатель и президент фонда «Выход в Петербурге», создатель центра обучения, социальной абилитации и творчества для людей с аутизмом «Антон тут рядом».
Date of birth
The film was conceived for the anniversary of the great actress. For almost sixty years she has been serving the theater, cinema and poetry. An important part of it is the change of times and even eras: war (childhood), thaw (youth), sixties (youth), stagnation, perestroika, nineties and the millennium. In the finale of the film, her last main role to date is "The Old Man and the Sea" by Anatoly Vasiliev. The words "And who defeated you? No one. I just went too far into the sea" are a philosophical understanding of this long, long road of man to the realization of his destiny.
Who defeated you no one
132 min
Anton Kharitonov, an autistic boy, lives with his mother in a terrible apartment on the outskirts of St. Petersburg. The author meets his future hero shortly before his mother falls seriously ill. Now Anton himself is threatened by a boarding school for the mentally ill, where he will inevitably die, because people with such a diagnosis do not live there for a long time. The struggle for Anton every minute shortens the distance between the author and the hero. And there comes a moment when the author is forced to enter the frame ... The film was awarded the Golden Eagle Prize of the National Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Russia - 2012 in the nomination of the Best Non-Fiction Film and the National Cinema Award "Nika" - 2012 in the nomination of the Best Non-Fiction Film.
Anton is here next
109 min