Olesya Fokina
Olesya Fokina
Окончила Высшие курсы сценаристов и режиссеров СК РФ (мастерская Л. Гуревича, Б. Галантера). Директор и генеральный продюсер студии «КОД-фильм+». Педагог. Лауреат Национальных премий «Золотой Орел» и «Ника». Член Союзов журналистов и кинематографистов РФ.
Kuper, this is how the famous artist Yuri Kuperman was called in those years in bohemian circles in Moscow since the distant 60s. So this name, Kuper, remained for him forever. In 72, Kuper left the USSR and his beloved childhood city, Moscow. The works of this master are kept in the largest museums in the world, from the Tretyakov Gallery to the New York Metropolitan. Fifty-five personal exhibitions. Thirty years of life in the West, more precisely Paris, New York, London. In the early 2000s, Kuper returned to Moscow.
Kuper. Uncatched
54 min
The heroes of the film, were mainly young people who renounce self-interest and self-love, in search of meanings, striving for self-restraint, to protect humanity and love, - students, workers, artists, athletes, military, ecologist.
70 min
The film tells about the life of the writer, from an early age to that dramatic moment when he wrote a letter to the 4th Congress of the Union of Writers of the USSR, which became the beginning of his final break with power. The film also tells about the tragic fate of the writer's like-minded people, about the relationship with Varlam Shalamov.
Age of Solzhenitsyn
113 min
Valery Panyushkin is a famous Russian journalist. At some point, he chose from all the topics, one of the main ones for him. The topic of helping a suffering person. Thanks to Panyushkin, charity in Russia has become the meaning of life for hundreds of thousands of people.
Path of life of Valery Panyuskin
62 min
Gennady Shpalikov. He was 25 when he offered Georgy Danelia the script for the future film "I WALK IN MOSCOW." At this time, Shpalikov was already finishing the script for Ilyich's Outpost for Marlen Khutsiev! Both of these films will be called the manifesto of the generation of the sixties, symbols of the era called the "thaw".
Shpalikov. The life of a charming man
56 min
Academician Konovalov is one of the ten outstanding surgeons of the 20th century, who for many years headed the N. Burdenko Research Institute of Neurosurgery. The slightest careless movement of a neurosurgeon, imperceptible even under a microscope, can result in a loss of memory, speech, the ability to think or feel for the patient. That is why neurosurgery is recognized throughout the world as the most elite field of medicine, because the area of influence of a doctor is the most delicate, the human brain.
Alexander Konovalov. The man who saves
52 min
Norstein conquered the world 36 years ago with the creation of the legendary Hedgehog in the Fog. It was recognized as the best cartoon of all times and peoples according to a survey of film critics and animators from different countries.
A hedgehog came out of the fog
52 min
The film tells about the dramatic fate of Lydia Nikolaevna Delectorskaya, muse, model, love of the great French artist Henri Matisse.
Model for a genius/Lydia D
53 min