Mikhail Degtyar
Mikhail Degtyar
Советский и российский телерепортёр, режиссёр документального кино. Руководитель студии «Репортёр», кинопродюсер. Заслуженный работник культуры Российской Федерации.
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In the early morning of December 15, 1938, Chkalov arrived at the Khodynka airfield, where he was to test the new I-180 fighter for takeoff. In the flight task, it was written that it was necessary to complete one circle and return to the airfield. But Valery Chkalov decided to go for the second round, and the engine stalled. Chkalov stubbornly tried to start the engine, but to no avail. There is only one way out, to plan to the airfield and go for a landing. Until the last second, he tried to save the plane. There are many versions of Chkalov's death, but none of them clarify the situation to the end. The life and death of Chkalov is the story of an unusual pilot who always tried to act contrary to the rules and orders, to go beyond the limits of the possible.
Chkalov. Once upon a time there was a pilot
45 min
Ion Degen. The legendary Soviet tanker, an outstanding doctor, the author of one of the most famous poems about the war, written by him at the age of 19 at the front. Yes, he had to destroy enemies, but he was a soldier. One of the best warriors in that terrible war who defended their homeland. Listening to this man, you begin to understand that our generation and his generation speak different languages.
57 min
The history of the formation of Russian television in faces and memories.
All this television
78 min
The world of a blind person at the intersection with the world of the sighted. Do we see each other?
Life by touch
30 min
The film tells about the famous monument to the Soviet liberator "Alyosha" in the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv. The idea to build a monument in honor of the Soviet soldiers-liberators on the Bunardzhik hill was born by the inhabitants of Plovdiv back in 1948. The initiative came entirely "from below", from the people, without any recommendation "from above". On May 9, 1948, the Citywide Initiative Committee for the construction of a monument to Soviet soldiers was created, which included public figures, architects, artists, writers and teachers. It was headed by the head of the Plovdiv military garrison, General Asen Grekov. On the same day, the symbolic laying of the foundation of the monument was made.
28 min
In December 1941, the Nazis shot 4,500 people in Yalta. Most of them were Jews. The Soviet government did not want to bury these people. Even the obelisk at the place of execution was erected after the war with the money of the relatives of the victims. In July 1994, Mikhail Degtyar came to this execution pit and saw a terrible picture, namely, skulls, bones, documents of people shot 53 years ago were scattered very close to the Yalta International Hotel. After 9 years, Mikhail Degtyar again returned to the place of execution of the Yalta Jews. What has changed during this time?
Firing squad
13 min
Every year in Russia, tens of thousands of people are released from places of detention. They return to a free life, sometimes not for long. The most difficult process of adaptation to "freedom" begins. This film is about the newly released, trying to find their own, new way, as well as about people who help the recent prisoners to get on their feet.
33 min