Andrey Loshak
Andrey Loshak
Российский журналист, репортёр, в прошлом — постоянный автор телепередач из цикла «Профессия — репортёр» на НТВ. Лауреат национальной телевизионной премии ТЭФИ. Сооснователь информационного портала «Такие Дела». Работал на телеканале «Дождь».
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"Pentagons" is the name given to a semi-dilapidated house in Novouzensk, Saratov region, lacking heating and sanitation. For six months, Andrejs Lošaks and his filming crew observed people who "survive rather than live." The documentary series "Pentagons" portrays the poorest inhabitants of Russia, individuals who have entered an unspoken agreement with the state: you don't interfere with us, and we won't interfere with you. But then, the war began...
198 min
An unflinching portrayal of families divided by war. The film features seven different pairings, whose members speak periodically with Loshak, one-to-one, to explain their points of view. Their conversations extend over the war's first three months, during which time their opinions evidence no change. The director makes no attempt at establishing dialogue – on the contrary, it is a testimony to the absence of dialogue amidst an unfolding war, and an unsentimental diagnosis of the sickness of a society in which official propaganda proves stronger than even the most intimate family ties.
Broken Ties
98 min
The author's series by Andrey Loshak tells how the Internet, nicknamed "Runet", appeared in Russia and how it changed over time. The development of the Runet reflected all the social and political changes in Russian society: complete freedom in the 90s, rapid economic growth in the 2000s, and the introduction of censorship and prohibitive laws in the 10s. For the last 7 years, the state has been actively trying to take the Runet under control.
Internyet: A History Of The Russian Internet
37 min
In the spring of 2017, after the release of the film by Alexei Navalny and FBK “He is not Dimon to you” about Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, many young people and schoolchildren joined the next protests. Young people have become the driving force behind Navalny's presidential campaign. It was they who actively participated in the creation of a regional network of political headquarters, subjected to pressure from the state. In the first episode of the film "The Age of Dissent" there are stories of three young supporters of Navalny, whom the local authorities have declared war on.
Age of disagreement
35 min
"Berezovsky - who is this?" is a web series by Andrey Loshak about the controversial figure of Boris Berezovsky. The film was created in parallel with the writing of the book by Peter Aven and consists of frank interviews, memories and attempts to understand who this man Berezovsky is. Our website presents the first series of a 10-episode project.
Who is Berezovsky?
25 min
In 1790, Alexander Radishchev published the book "Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow", in which he fearlessly exposed the vices of his time, more precisely despotism, corruption, poverty and lawlessness of the people. For his freethinking, the writer was sentenced to death, which, by the monarch's mercy, was replaced by a 10-year exile to Siberia. The film crew decided to repeat Radishchev's route and see how people live today on the side of the federal highway M10 "Russia", which connects the two capitals. How has Russian life changed over the past two hundred years? Have we started to live better? Richer? Freer? The answer is in the documentary road-movie "Travel from St. Petersburg to Moscow: a special way". Chapter 4 (which we bring to your attention) is devoted to the city of Torzhok.
Travel from St. Petersburg to Moscow: a special path
29 min
In order to put an end to dissent at once, the Soviet secret services organized this show trial. Viktor Krasin and Petr Yakir were convicted of participating in subversive propaganda against the USSR. The liberal opposition was temporarily demoralized. It was forty years ago, but it seems that it will be tomorrow.
Process anatomy
56 min