Katerina Gordeeva
Katerina Gordeeva
Режиссер, репортер, автор и ведущая телепрограмм. Успела поработать практически на всех отечественных телеканалах: РТР, ТВЦ, ТВ6, ТВС, НТВ. Попечитель благотворительного фонда помощи детям "Подари жизнь!".
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In the most terrible and dark times a journalist has one simple job to record what is happening. The stories of eyewitnesses in order not to allow new history books to lie about what people saw with their own eyes. The people we met had very different life histories and political views. But the war did not make any of them happy. The war brought them trouble, destruction and death. The authors began to shoot this film almost immediately after the start of the war. Filming was long and difficult - thousands of kilometers, more than a hundred hours of recorded interviews, several dozen protagonists. But the main thing is grief, which cannot be measured in any quantities. This film is about the grief brought by the war and about people who are trying to survive.
Humans at War
209 min
A picture about how and why in peacetime people go to war and why they often cannot return from it to the end. There are a lot of such men around us who have returned, but not completely. Much more than you can imagine.
Man (not) returned from war
118 min
The tragedy of the theater center "Nord-Ost" in Moscow on Dubrovka, captured by terrorists in 2002, told by former hostages, special forces and negotiators. What do we still don’t know about these terrible events? Even 17 years later.
Nord-Ost. 17 years
165 min
In the spring of 2017, the Investigative Committee conducted the first searches as part of the criminal case, which everyone now knows as the Serebrennikov case, the Seventh Studio case, or the Platform case. Six people, including a world-famous director, are accused of stealing from the state more than one hundred million rubles allocated for staging performances. And they can go to jail for 10 years for that. Journalists Katerina Gordeeva and Roman Super tried to figure out what the essence of this case is. We talked to people who know what theater is, including in terms of money. We studied financial documents. Communicated with those with whom no one had ever been able to before. They figured out why the applause of the audience and the compliments of the Ministry of Culture turned into arrests. And of course, they went to all the court sessions.
Theatre affair
70 min
To a person who does not experience vision problems, it may seem that fine art does not exist in the world of the blind. They don't have it, so they don't need it. “Imagine” is a film-journey to the border area. Blinded due to an illness, an art critic, a fan of painting who lost her sight after the birth of children, an artist who has been blind since childhood. The heroes of the film are people who are in love with art, looking for an opportunity to reconnect with visual culture, cut off by circumstances. What do those who seem to see nothing actually see? What do those who have recently become blind remember? And how do those who live in darkness imagine the world?
55 min
A reliable and poignant story about what the children and teenagers of besieged Leningrad experienced. 14 surviving heroes and several dozens of those for whom only the lines of diaries and captions to children's drawings can now speak, word by word, minute by minute, story by story, revive the memory of the siege. What did the people in the besieged city really feel? What of what we know about the blockade is true, and what is a myth, a stamp from a history textbook? The authors of the film, with the help of video comparisons-reconstructions, return modern St. Petersburg to the terrible time of the blockade, connecting history with the moment. This film is a memory and a film about memory. About how it is set up. About those thanks to whom it can, must be preserved.
120 min
The story of one summer of several high school students from an average school in an average town in the very heart of Russia. The main characters of the film are classmates of the same girls whose double suicide, a jump from the roof of a high-rise building, a couple of years ago shocked the country and provoked a wave of teenage suicides. Who are they? Which? Do you need someone other than yourself? What do we know about their loneliness? And what, in fact, lies behind the statistics of teenage suicides, according to which Russia ranks first in Europe.
Girls are flying
87 min