Mariya Sorokina
Mariya Sorokina
Окончила МГУ по специальности «журналист» и Высшие курсы сценаристов и режиссеров, мастерская Голубкиной и Дормана.
Many of the inhabitants of the first cooperative house in Moscow were shot during the years of the Great Terror. Now the building is located at Dolgorukovskaya, 5, in the past it was Kalyaevskaya, 5. The family of Dmitry Belanovsky moved there in 1939. According to the story of his father, the former owner of the apartment, by the name of Gurevich, was repressed by the NKVD. For many years, Dmitry was haunted by the thought of what kind of people lived here before him, why they were arrested and how their fate turned out. It took almost twenty years to find information about the former tenant. Through his own, almost detective, investigation, he managed not only to identify this person, but also to find his relatives.
Kalyaevskaya, 5
53 min
"Shelter of Royals" is a project that has no analogues in the world. Musicians Piotr Aidu, Aleksey Lyubimov and restorer Aleksey Stavitsky revive and preserve pre-revolutionary instruments doomed to perish. The film tells how old pianos regain their voices, and we get the opportunity to feel the connection of generations and feel the breath of other eras. This is a story about the triumph of music over time.
Variations For A Grand Piano
33 min
Saturday, Sunday, 48 hours. Everyone chooses for himself how to spend this time. In the documentary "Weekend", which tells about the work of volunteers, the participants of this selfless movement give their free time not only to people in need, but also to animals. The film consists of several short stories covering different profiles of volunteer organizations: volunteers at the Moscow Zoo, volunteers from the Friends on the Street Movement, volunteers from Greenpeace Russia and the Joy of Old Age Charitable Foundation. All short stories add up to a single story about human kindness and disinterested help to one's neighbor.
51 min