Zosya Rodkevich
Zosya Rodkevich
Закончила Школу документального кино и театра Марины Разбежкиной и Михаила Угарова. Ее картина «Мой друг Борис Немцов» была отмечена многими наградами международных кинофестивалей, а фильм «Белая мама» получил приз ФИПРЕССИ.
Date of birth
Igor Krainov was thrust into the pocket of his jeans. Ivan Golunov was thrown into a backpack. And Yevgenia Shestaeva mysteriously appeared in her bag after several hours spent at the police department. The mechanism for fabricating criminal cases under Article 228 is very simple, a person is detained, then a bag with an unknown substance is “discovered” from him. For many hours, the detainee is alone with the police, without the possibility of calling relatives or a lawyer. All this time he is intimidated and possibly beaten. Sometimes the protocol of such an inspection is the only evidence in the case, but this does not prevent the judges from giving real terms. The protagonists of the film were people who were faced with falsification of cases under Article 228. Some of them were able to defeat the system, while others were not. But not one broke, the struggle for the truth continues.
Planting drugs
45 min
Two days before the inauguration of Vladimir Putin, a protest action took place in Moscow. The organizer of the action, Alexei Navalny, was detained, the Cossacks attacked the demonstrators, they were beaten by the police.
Down with the tsar!
13 min
Alina Makarova is a mother of six children, five of her own and one adopted. Her ex-husband is from Ethiopia, which is why all her own children are of mixed origin. Only her adopted son is white, but he is psychologically unstable. Alina's older children realise what complications the adoption might bring, and are afraid that there won't be enough room, time and love for everyone. But she convinces them that it's the right thing. The new boy really turns their life into trouble. Alina shows miraculous patience and pedagogical talents. Her children become her allies in raising the new son. This film is an epic panorama of a fight for love, an ode to motherhood.
White Mama
97 min
On June 12, Russia Day, opposition leader Alexei Navalny moved the protest from Sakharov Avenue to the very center of the city, to Tverskaya, where a festival of reenactors was being held that day. People in armor mingled with the streams of protesters, with the police in full combat attire. The result is harsh detentions, a stampede and flags from the window of a paddy wagon.
Day of Russia
23 min
I was 22. I worked in the news. The task to shoot Boris Nemtsov was perceived as a challenge: the old narcissistic bourgeois, well, what is interesting about him? He was 53. He was already a graduate student in physics, and vice-premier, and "Boris Yeltsin's heir". And he turned out to be cool, kind and sincere. And we became friends. And then they killed him. This film is about how a big historical context is narrowed down to a small personal story. How acquaintance develops into friendship. Filming news reports for several years in a row, the camera snatched out a little more than it was supposed to, examined it more closely than usual, turning it into a movie. This is a portrait film. Accidental, passing, tragicomic. A look at a living person who plays the role of a big politician all his life. However, he enjoyed this role. Joke after joke, and now you are Nemtsov's bosom friend. I thought Nemtsov was eternal, I thought I could always shoot him. But life decided otherwise. Leaving me with only 70 minutes of a film about a man who is no more. The work was awarded at the International Film Festival of Documentary, Short Feature and Animated Films "Message to Man" - 2016: "Centaur" Prize for the best full-length non-fiction film of the national competition.
My friend Boris Nemtsov
70 min
Ten young directors spent two months with the camera. The result is chronicles of the protest winter 2011-2012. The film is about those who make a political agenda, and about those who are not satisfied with such an agenda. People, faces, conversations, rallies, victories and defeats on the eve of the presidential election. Live camera, live characters.
Winter, go away!
81 min