Anna Moiseenko
Anna Moiseenko
Родилась в Ульяновске. Закончила факультет журналистики МГГУ. Работала журналистом в масс-медиа и копирайтером в области телевизионной рекламы. Получила диплом режиссера Мастерской документального кино и документального театра М. Разбежкиной и М. Угарова.
Date of birth
Abdumamad Bekmamadov, who came to Russia to work from the Pamirs (Tajikistan), performs ballads about everything that happens to him in Moscow. For four years, the authors of the film watched the life of the protagonist in his different identities, a labor migrant, an artist, a father and a husband who has not seen his family for 10 years. Episode by episode, Abdul transforms the plots of his real story into poetic texts that so easily fall on the rhythms of traditional Pamir songs.
Songs of Abdul
66 min
Ten young directors spent two months with the camera. The result is chronicles of the protest winter 2011-2012. The film is about those who make a political agenda, and about those who are not satisfied with such an agenda. People, faces, conversations, rallies, victories and defeats on the eve of the presidential election. Live camera, live characters.
Winter, go away!
81 min
SPARTA. is the Agricultural Poeticized Association for the Development of Labor Activity. This is how the commune calls itself, which for more than 20 years has been developing the "Theory of Happiness" in a closed collective farm near Kharkov. Unable to come to terms with the collapse of the communist utopia, the "Spartans" created their own. But life develops, as you know, not according to the laws of utopia... International Documentary Film Festival Flahertiana - 2013, Best Non-Fiction Film of the National Competition.
S.P.A.R.T.A .: territory of happiness
62 min