Dmitriy Kalashnikov
Dmitriy Kalashnikov
Режиссер и видеохудожник. Окончил Юридический факультет Поморского Государственного Университета и Санкт-Петербургский университет Кино и Телевидения. Окончил IDFA Академию в Амстердаме в 2012 году.
Everything that can happen on Russian roads is accurately and impartially recorded by the DVR cameras that are in almost every car in the country. The super-objective video vividly conveys the Russian national character and color: the constant expectation of a miracle and the anticipation of life's drama. The burning forest here becomes a symbol of the “Russian hell”, a military tank at the car wash is a guide to the world of absurdity and good humor, and a video made near the Kremlin on the evening of the murder of Boris Nemtsov reminds us that evil is always somewhere nearby. There are many other crazy, funny and tragic moments that await us on the road of life.
The road movie
60 min
The film is about the effort of a person to do what is hard for him, about the creation of beauty and harmony from the chaos of life, about trying to find oneself and helping others, about the desire to create, no matter what. And this desire cannot be stopped. Because if you do not believe in yourself and do not make an effort, then who will do it for you?
Waiting for the show
55 min