Masha Novikova
Masha Novikova
Голландский режиссер российского происхождения, сценарист, продюсер.
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In Russia, since 2017, 35 criminal cases have been opened against teenagers on charges of preparing mass murders, terrorist attacks or extremist actions. All these cases are distinguished by the fact that there are no victims in them, only statements by the investigation that the schoolchildren planned to do something. The accusation is based on drawings, correspondence on the Internet and photographs. 16-year-old Nikita Uvarov was arrested for five years on charges of terrorism. He and his friends put up leaflets demanding the release of anarchist political prisoners. Schoolchildren built a copy of their city in Minecraft and joked in the general chat about the explosion of the FSB building. Not a real explosion, but a computer one. For drawing a plan to capture the barracks, 18-year-old cadet Vadim Osipov was accused of terrorism and, by a court decision, was sent for compulsory treatment. The editors of the student magazine DOXA were sentenced to two years of hard labor for a video about pressure from university professors on students who participated in rallies. Agora lawyers undertake to protect teenagers.
Lawyers: Non-Childish Cases
54 min
Art, dance, music and theater know no boundaries and do not need any language other than the language of art. In times of Glasnost and Perestroika in Russia it went well in the field of cultural relations between the Netherlands and Russia. At the time, an intense collaboration developed between the Dutch and Russian artists, resulting in friendships that continue to this day.

The film is available only on the territory of the Russian Federation.
Artists of Perestroika
74 min
The film DAYMOHK tells the story of Chechen dance star and choreographer Ramzan Ahmadov, whose dance group Daymohk has found refuge with Chechnya’s current president Kadyrov. Momentarily postponing the extinction of this age-old folk dance. But the sacrifice this move takes, is great: in an attempt to save his country’s tradition, Ramzan collaborates with the authorities and sacrifices what he loves the most.
85 min
Dreams of three generations of rural residents on the Volga. The old people talk about their first love, which is best remembered in memory. A young country boy - about how he was in the war in Afghanistan, and how she changed his life. Sixteen-year-old boy remembers childhood, when he swam carelessly, ran, was in love with the girl. This film - funny and sad stories of people of different ages, who believe that their best and strongest times are already in the past, perhaps, just like the whole country.
The flight of time
38 min
For twelve years, war photographer Oleg Klimov captured on film the collapse of the Soviet Union. He was present at almost all military and ethnic conflicts in the 90s. His photographs were on the front pages of many Western newspapers, as silent witnesses to the wars in the former Soviet Union. But Oleg's career also influenced his personality. After several quiet years, he unexpectedly finds a war injury on his own. Driven by inner longing, he returns to some of the places where he photographed people during the war, to Nagorno-Karabakh, Abkhazia and Chechnya, to find those who are depicted in the pictures.
Oleg Klimov. Letters to Myself
82 min